Into the Written Word was started in early August of 2014. It is a book blog for mostly young adult fiction. Mostly dystopian books with a handful (no more) realistic fiction books put in.

It’s a place for a non-serious girl to be serious about books.

The goal of this blog? The idea? Well…read and review. That is simply that.

This blog was opened for the purpose of sharing books. The big and the small.


One of the owners of this blog is a student named Wren. (Simply Wren. No Wrennie or anything. It is just  Wren.) She currently resides in the United States in the state that she says ‘is the hottest of them all’. She is a Southern girl, thankfully, without an accent.

She is a lover of dystopian fiction. She enjoys books with action and has a burning hatred of romance. (Well…not burning to be exact.) She reads mostly young adult fiction with the occasional new adult book or j fiction.

She is a busy girl who is a white belt in karate. She enjoys karate and Zumba and biking around her park. She is someone who writes when she can.



The second owner is a New Yorker guy who is also a student. Remy D, also known as Remedy, is a lover of dogs and cats alike. He enjoys fantasy and realistic fiction. Especially if there is a good wizard thrown into the mix.

He is a writer when he gets the chance, like Wren, and likes long walks in Central Park and trips to the Strand. He is a fan of ‘Divergent’ and ‘The Mortal Instruments’. He is a more upbeat person compared to Wren. (His words not mine. -Wren)

Sadly, there is no picture of his handsome mug. (Again, he told me to write that. -Wren.)


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