Wren Reviews: ‘Compulsive’

Title: Compulsive
Author: Myunqiue C. Green
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Realistic, Action
Note: I received this book from the author Myunique C. Green for a review. This doesn’t make me biased in any way.
Was it fate, karma or just a stroke of bad luck that intertwined the lives of four strangers?

Dante, Liliana, Syven and Kendra all lead different lives, and aside from stolen glances, none of them could certainly never pick each other out in a crowd. But a mysterious force is at work; someone warning them of a damnation that has yet to pass. Enticed by their individual desires, will they heed the warnings before time runs out, or will their compulsions get the best of them?

Plot: This is a story told in four perspectives. I’ll divide the plot up in fours.
Dante. Dante’s story starts with him owing money to a gang led by Mike. He joins Mike’s gang after procuring the needed amount of alcohol. He meets Lacey the ‘hot girl’ in his story. He helps the gang break into a bakery. (This bakery is Syven’s, as found out later in the story.) The gang moves from bakeries to banks. Dante gets a small cut, wanting more of the money earned in the bank robbery. He goes to challenge Mike and finds some gang members dead. He takes the money and flees. He gives some of the money to his friend and some to his mother. He gets a call from Syven (not that he knows it’s Syven) telling him to bring the money. He does, seeing Tiffany instead of Syven for the transfer. Dante gives up some of his money but gets shot by Tiffany. He is killed.
Liliana’s story starts with her getting engaged to her long-time love. She leaves him for a bit before returning his calls. She meets a guy named Alton and starts dating him. She has a sister named Bianca. Bianca gets kidnapped, and Lily has to pay back Joe all the money she used to buy materialistic possessions. She ends up doing so, but she is kidnapped by Joe and by Alton. She sees another girl Kendra Belle who is Alton’s love. Bianca is hurt by the men, and Lily turns fearful. She ends up dying.
Syven is a baker who works hard to fund his family. His friend strikes the jackpot and wins the lottery. Syven is tossed into a world of riches, meeting a girl named Tiffany who attracts him. His parents’ baker is robbed. He sees Lily. (Syven liked Bianca before his friend won the lottery.) He finds out that Dante robbed a bank and his parents’ bakery by overheating Dante talking to his friend Jay. Syven decides to take revenge on Dante, calling him and asking him for money. (A threatening call.) Dante agrees. Together, Tiffany and Syven get the money. Syven is betrayed, though, by Tiffany who shoots Syven. Syven is assumed dead. But is he?
Kendra is a star who leaves stardom in exchange for a quiet life. She gets there and meets Byron a nice guy she takes a liking to. She starts a relationship with him. In response to her OCD, she goes to a therapist, but she is raped by said therapist. She goes to a bank and gets caught up in the bank robbery. She recovers. Kendra is thrown into a clash with Lily’s story as she is kidnaped by Al her bodyguard. She is threatened and is almost killed. But she ends up escaping. She ends up being pregnant with one of the men, Byron or Al’s child.
This is a very quick summary of these four stories. I tried to talk about all the major happenings.
Character Development:
Dante. I don’t like Dante. He starts out a weakling, but he has a rapid, almost unbelievable, change into a new, tougher person. I don’t see exactly why he does that. Joining a gang is one thing. Why did you steal that money from Mike anyways? I don’t like Dante. In any way.
Liliana. Gah. I hate these characters who date for love. Lily was trying to be some gold digger. I think. It was infuriating. I know it happens in real life…but did it have to be a character? I’m not sorry when I say I hate Lily.
Syven. Innocent at first. But a wild party guy. I have mixed feelings on Syven. He didn’t want to rob his friend. Which is one thing. And I like that. But he was all over Tiffany. He was sex and revenge. Why? Because he worked his ass off and his friend didn’t? Not a good enough answer.
Kendra. I am, in no way, a fan of the Hollywood characters who want to escape stardom. I mean, they can be written well. But Kendra…not exactly. She has a relationship with two men. (I’m seeing a trend here.) And she wants to have a relationship with Byron? With Al on the side? No. Just no.
Problems: I thought that this story has potential.
It was ‘young adult’. While I read, I labeled it more new adult. It has sex and drugs and alcohol. It seems less young adult and teen-friendly and more new adult.
Another problem is the plot. It just seemed messy to me. Sure. I liked the different perspectives mixing together, but it just didn’t work. I’m not a fan of realistic. And this is a realistic story. The darker side of humanity is intriguing, but this story is more on very coincidental things. The plot also was rushed. Time seemed to jump all over the place. Months were paragraphs. Days, barely sentences. I don’t like rushed stories. Nor do I like slow ones. But this is, at least, something.
They meet, all of them. They meet another in the story. You don’t know who Dante meets until later. Which isn’t styling I like. You have to just guess. You go ‘ah, I see’ at the end. Well…kinda.
The romance was annoying. There was more on sex and hooking up compared to building a relationship. The romances were rushed. And it seemed like everyone had a lover. Dante has the girl in the gang. Lily had two people. Kendra had Al and Bryon. Syven has Tiffany. It was a very ‘let’s hook up’ story.
Good points: I do like a few things. Not many, though. Just a few.
I like how Kendra has OCD. (It’s a disorder where you have to do certain things. For her, it’s cleaning.) It makes her seem more real. Doesn’t help her case much but it’s something. The author tried her best to add in realistic problems to try and get the readers to relate. It was a nice attempt. It just didn’t work for me.
There was action. Not necessarily good action but it was there. I won’t say I love or hate the action. It just wasn’t satisfying.
I acknowledge that some might like this book. I can see the potential. But, like with most realistic stories, I didn’t like it. Not really.
Score: 5/10
Recommended: If you like a story told in many perspectives. If you like a harsh reality, realistic fiction story.

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