Wren Reviews: ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’

Title: Perks of Being a Wallflower
Author: Stephen Chbosky
Genre: Romance, Realistic, YA fiction, Coming-of-age
Note: This is a more personal review. I decided to do something fun and write it as if it was a letter. I will not make another review for this book in my typical format. This is all you will get.

Dear Charlie,

Thank you for sharing your story. It was…fascinating to say the least.
I felt an emotional connection with you. I am a confused person by nature. You and I share more than that in common, though. We’re both readers and writers. Or…I used to write.
In all honesty, that’s where the similarities really end. I don’t like drugs. And I can’t say I’m had drugs or alcohol.
I’m not in love. Nor am I loved by my English teacher.
We are similar but different. If that makes sense to you, Charlie.
Your story had many characters. Sam. Patrick. Mary Elizabeth. Craig. Your brother and sister who went unnamed. Your father and mother. Brad. Those are only a few, really, but they are many at the same time.
You were interesting in yourself. You had a backstory with problems and confusion. A typical teen, I guess. You were lost, and you were found. And you lost your way. And you went off the path. And you’re passive aggressive.
Do I need to go on?
You’re a fantastic person. I hope the best comes to you, Charlie. A good college. A steady girlfriend.
Though…why Sam? I don’t see her appeal. As a human being, I mean. I am female, but I don’t have sexuality or any of that. I don’t see why her. Or why romance at all. Your story was perfectly acceptable without it. Of course…loving Sam had plot twists and confusion.
You seem to have a confusing life. Or so I see.
Charlie. Let me tell you this. Your story was disjointed. I only could read so much between the lines. And you opted to keep some information with me. Why, Charlie? I thought you trusted me. Charlie, why could you tell me?
You had moments where things were clear. You had those fuzzy, LSD moments. You had those in-between. Charlie. I think you did well when you went to see that therapist. The one in the hospital. She helped sort things out. Or so it seems.
Charlie. I hope you’re okay now. I truly so. You seemed so sad. And lost. And confused. I might have mentioned the last one many times throughout this letter. But you did seen confused. Very so. You didn’t know what was right and wrong. Your moral compass was skewed, tossed off course.
I’m sorry, Charlie, that I couldn’t help better than this. I can only write to you and pray you get this letter.
Know this. I care for you. Your story is life-changing. I understand your position because I am lost and confused.
Know this. I will heed the advice you drilled into my brain, and I will get my own life back together.
Why? Because you are a role model to me, Charlie. At least, you are now. (Or my equivalent of a role model for I refuse to have one.)
Love always,
A friend
Score: 8/10

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