Wren Reviews: ‘Pawn’

Title: Pawn
Author: Aimee Carter
Genre: Dystopian, Drama, Action, Romance, YA fiction
Plot: The story starts with Kitty Doe a III who wants to save her boyfriend Benjy from the shame of being with a III. She steals an orange and is almost caught. The Shield remarks on how her eyes look like Lila Hart’s. Benjy’s ranking will be out in a month when he takes his test. Kitty decides to turn to prostitution until she can be with Benjy, or not. She is bought by Daxton Hart who Masks her into his niece the late Lila Hart. She is trained by Lila’s mother Celia and her fiancée Knox to be Lila. She is judge by Augusta Lila’s grandmother. She is allowed to be released from her distant prisoner. She discovers what Elsewhere is the day after she is allowed out of her isolation. She is disgusted, and scared, by Elsewhere after seeing her caretaker being shot by Daxton. She goes to a club with Knox and parties with him until she discovers he is part of a rebellion to crush Daxton. She goes back to Somerset, fearful of Benjy who turned seventeen recently. She doesn’t see him until she discovers he is Knox’s assistant. Celia forces Kitty to kill Daxton but fails. She, Kitty, discovers that Daxton is actually someone Masked like her.
Kitty and Knox go to New York City to say a speech. When they finis the speech, Celia takes Greyson after an attempt to kill Greyson almost happens. Kitty meets the real, alive Lila Hart when Knox decides he’ll trade Lila for Greyson. They do the trade, but the real Lila is shot by a tranquilizer dart and is taken back to Somerset. In a desperate attempt to salvage things, Knox and Celia and Kitty go to Somerset to get Greyson, Lila, and Benjy. Kitty rescues Benjy, and Knox rescues Greyson, but Lila remains unseen. Kitty rescues Lila only to be caught by Augusta. Augusta makes Knox choose between Kitty and Lila after Augusta skewers Lila with a fire poker. Kitty shoots Augusta and kills her. Lila is rushed to the infirmary. Kitty goes to find Celia and finds her with Daxton. She talks to Daxton, assuming he has memory loss of the past few months. Once Lila is taken out of Somerset, Celia and Lila go Ito hiding. Kitty is forced to become Lila Hart to continue the rebellion as a Hart. Augusta’s funeral takes place, and Kitty realizes that Daxton the imposter remembers everything.
The story ends with a cliffhanger. It has action, but it is a drama story. Family drama. This family takes family drama to another level. When they say, ‘I’ll kill you’, they mean it. It’s a dangerous game of chess.
Character Development: There are many characters. I’ll just talk about our narrator Kitty.
Kitty. I think Kitty is a fascinating character. She has spunk, as many characters say. She is someone who tries her best to prove her worth. She is defiant and daring. She cares a lot for the people she loves. She cares about the things Lila cared for, but she understood on another level. It’s interesting to see the ranking change. She also gains confidence. She becomes a better Lila Hart. If that is even possible. She adds another later to Lila. Lila is a stuck-up, rich girl. But Kitty makes her a more caring character. She doesn’t affect the real Lila. But the Lila we see, the idea of Lila, changes.
Problems: There are a few problems. I think there are be improvements.
I think that there was too much family drama. There was one rebel attack. I felt like there could be more rebel involvement. I have the feeling that the rebels will be more involved in ‘Captive’.
The romance is complicated. It’s odd since I like Benjy and Kitty. But we have Knox as a love interest. But it seems Greyson might become something. After all, they are friends. I do think that having Kitty and Greyson just torn apart and not friends is annoying. They have experienced loss. Why can’t they suffer together?
The cliffhanger just tears me apart. What will happen? Will Kitty obey the rules? Will she escape with Benjy? Will she still go on with the wedding to Knox?
Good points: While there are bad points, there are good ones too.
I like how the story was one about becoming someone else but finding yourself. I think Kitty became braver because of the Masking.
This is one of the times when I like the couple. Benjy and Kitty are adorable together. I was speaking out loud as I read their scene when they reunited. I root for those two. I hope they last.
The plot kept me on my toes. I kept worrying. I wanted to know what happened. I was on the edge of my seat. You could never predict that happened next.
Score: 8/10
Recommended: If you like a dystopian with family drama. If you like dystopian with a twist.

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