Why I Anna Oliphant is the Embodiment of the Things I Hate About Female Realistic Fiction Characters

I’m currently reading ‘Anna and the French Kiss’. I just have a problem with Anna Oliphant. Here’s why.


1: She is so obsessed with this guy. (If you think about it, all three of the Stephanie Perkins girls are like this. Lulu keeps thinking about whoever-her-guy-is. Isla thinks about Josh. I swear that Isla is actually a stalker, guys.)

Here’s why:

She keeps thinking about St. Clair. Even though he has a girlfriend. She has a crush on Toph, but she doesn’t even give him much more than a passing thought. It’s all ‘St. Clair this’ and ‘St. Clair that’. It gets annoying.

I truly hate this. The girl is obsessed. You have hobbies, don’t you? I don’t think stalking is an actual hobby. I feel like Anna’s hobby of watching movies is seen. But it doesn’t seem like she really has an actual hobby. It’s all about  St. Clair and how she  refuses to leave the school in the beginning to explore Paris. Even though she is dying to explore the city.


2: She is easily frightened by the unknown.

Here’s why:

In all honesty, I’m a frightened girl. I know I am. I can’t change that  fact. No way, mister or miss. I get freaked out by water on my pants. Even if it’s not anywhere that is touching my skin to tightly. I will freeze. Things touching my skin freak me out. It’s not even funny anymore. I truly hate it. I get all tingly.

Even with that, I am pretty good at accepting things on an emotional level. I can be the rational thinker. (I might laugh at the people freaking out, but  I stay calm in those situations. Typically. Waiting in lines doesn’t phase me.)

Anna is annoying, though. She’s so terrified of the unknown that she doesn’t even dare leave her room. She’s so scared. I would yell at myself in my head and leave the place. Maybe I’ll freak out and wimp out. But she had to be coaxed out. I would think, ‘I might lose this chance. Let’s do it.’ I have a bit of a terrible…mind. I might miss opportunities, but I try to take the day.

Carpe diem, right?


3: Anna is caring about the fact that St. Clair has a girlfriend.

Here’s why:

Oh god. Do you want him to cheat? I mean…I feel like a cheater would be hilarious to date. (Not that I would. The males around me are…disgusting pigs. Simply put.) She keeps worrying about this. She doesn’t think about breaking them up. It doesn’t seem like St. Clair even likes Ellie that much. Take your chance, girl. Carpe diem.


4: Anna has a terrible nickname.

Here’s why:

Truly? Banana elephant? Are you kidding me? Get a good nickname. Wren is my nickname. I use it in my life actually.

But that?

Really? I know it’s some joke, but it seems so childish. She doesn’t seem fazed by it. It is annoying to me. She accepts this lame joke. Did she make it up in third grade? I feel like Anna doesn’t grow up sometimes. Really. She acts like she has been sheltered her whole life. She doesn’t act like a senior.


5: She really doesn’t fight for the things she cares about.

Here’s why:

Remember that one scene when St. Clair stands up for her? I remember it vaguely. She is being pushed or something. And St. Clair stands up for her. She tries to stand up for St. Clair in the crypt. But she is stopped. But she doesn’t fight for herself.

I know that I don’t fight for myself sometimes, but I’m someone who doesn’t want to see a good portion of the people I know hurt. That’s who I am. I don’t assume someone’s bad until I find out their personality. Then, I place them as good, bad, or neither.

But Anna watches as she is passively bullied. (I’ll call it bullying for  now. It really isn’t bullying. Only a few rude jokes.) She stands by as her brave, charming, dashing St. Clair saves her. (And anyways…doesn’t she call him by his first name?)

Wow, Anna. Nice move there.


Note: I might be picking out flaws in myself as I write some of these reasons. But they do annoy me as I read. Book heroines/female characters should be empowered woman not ‘weaklings’. I really get annoyed by these things.


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