October Book Challenge: Tarot Readings

Currently, I am part of a Goodreads group called The YA Dystopian Book Club. I was looking at their challenges and noticed a very interesting one based off of tarot cards.

I decided to try my fortune at this challenge.

Here is my challenge:

Pick a random card, Major or Minor, and spell out the name of that card. Find books or authors that start with that letter.

My card is: The Tower. The Tower meaning Holding too Tightly, Anger, Emotional. (As copied and pasted from the tarot reading challenge page.)

I’ll update you on this challenge as I go along. I might join more challenges for the month of October. I might not. It all depends.

The letters I need to use are:











If you would like to join this challenge, here is the link for the club’s site for the challenge: (Mind you, you have to join the club.)


I hope you guys can join!




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