Interview with Amy Tintera

Recently, I emailed the author of ‘Reboot’ and ‘Rebel’ with a few questions. (I’ll admit that I love this book. I love the premise and the plot. The romance is, actually, quite bearable. I do think you should read ‘Reboot’ if you ever get the chance. Sadly…there is no third book coming out. But Amy Tintera is planning a new series, my friends. There’s the plus when your nickname is the main character’s name. Not that I intended for that to happen.)

1: Why did you start writing?
I started writing when I was a kid because I loved reading. I wanted to write my own stories!
2: What advice do you have for novice writers?
Never give up! Keep writing and reading.
3: What was your inspiration for ‘Reboot’?
I came up with the idea for Wren first. I heard her in my head, saying she was dead for 178 minutes, and I built the story around her.
4: Will you make a third book?
There’s no third book in the REBOOT series, REBEL is the end! But my new YA fantasy series RUINED, will start in 2016!
Hi! I’m Amy Tintera, and I write novels for young adults. I grew up in Austin, Texas and graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in journalism. After receiving a masters in film at Emerson College I moved to Los Angeles, where I promptly discovered I didn’t enjoy working in the film industry, and went back to my first love, writing.

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