Wren Reviews: ‘Into the Unknown’

Title: Into the Unknown
Author: Alice Reeds
Genre: Dystopian, Action, Adventure, Romance, Science Fiction, and YA fiction

Note: This is a RaR I received.

In a city without a name, ruled by the government of the Rose that came to save the citizens after the Collapse — an international war that ended forty-four years ago in a society meltdown — young Bexx Kajan was born into a working class family. She soon decides that she wants to join the army to fight for good. She’s a prodigy, a Captain, and leader of her own crew at age twenty-one. One month after Bexx receives the news that her sister Arihanne was killed, she’s sent on an almost-fatal solo mission that finally wakes her up.
After dancing with death one too many times, Bexx finds herself amongst her former enemies, the rebels, and starts to uncover secrets about her own and the city’s past. Meanwhile, her doubts that Arihanne was killed accidentally during combat grow stronger, and Bexx decides she has to find the one who’s responsible for the murder.
Into the Unknown, a journey full of truth, mysteries and action.

Plot: The plot is very dull in the beginning. I was lost on why we were learning about her past. It doesn’t help until the middle of the book.
Let me tell you something. This book doesn’t give you much action until Bexx goes on a mission. Even then, there are the dull moments. The plot is less action and more dull descriptions.
I feel like the plot is slow. There are many useless points. The story really starts in the last few chapters. I felt like the story didn’t actually start until very late in the story.

Character Development:
Bexx. I don’t like her. At all. She’s annoying to say the least. And she is one of those immortal characters. She is emotionless and an amazing soldier in the beginning. Okay. I get that. We add in emotions and complicated genetics. No. She can ‘hear’ a knife. That’s fantastic hearing. I don’t like how she describes the things she doesn’t know. She acts like they hold her interest only for a moment. What about music? Drawing? I also don’t believe she’s an amazing artist at first try. No one is. Everyone has to practice. I don’t like that. I can’t say I like her at all. She has no good points. Not even the ‘romance’ with Shannon. That is weak and has no chemistry.

Problems: There are many problems. Let me list a few.
The romance is simply lacking. What is with Shannon? Where is the chemistry? I can see that Bexx likes her. Just why is that there? I don’t get it. It has no purpose.
The plot is dull. There is no action. It has its moments, but it isn’t fully action. It isn’t much. The story starts moving in the last chapters.
The world building is lacking. I don’t know where they are. It seems like Germany. But it seems like the US. Where are they? What about the sections? What section is for what? What is the purpose?

Good points: I’m sorry…but this is one of those times where I don’t have many good points. The ending was mysterious.
This premise was amazing. But the story was…lackluster. I expected more.

Score: 5/10
Recommended: If you like action. If you like dystopian.


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