Update: Reading Ban

Hey. It’s Wren. I typically don’t do update posts, but I think this is justifiable.

It’s nothing major. Well…kinda.

I’m currently on a reading ban. I have been banned from reading books. If I don’t pull up my grade, I won’t be able to read anymore. I hope this doesn’t discourage anyone from following this blog. Remy is busy as well. He just overloads himself with things these days. He won’t post much either. He’ll try to be on Twitter. I’ll post some random stuff on Twitter.

I greatly apologize to you, dear readers. I will post as soon as my ban has been lifted. (I know this sounds bad, but don’t antagonize my parents. I apologize.)


One thought on “Update: Reading Ban

  1. Reading… ban? Wow.
    I mean… when I was a kid part of the conditions of being grounded included: “You can only read math books” (math being the only subject I didn’t particularly like to read about).
    Work on those grades though, I’m sure you can pull them up if you set your mind to it. And then, you can get back to the reading.
    Good luck!


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