Remedy Reads: ‘So Silver Bright’

‘So Silver Bright’

By Lisa Mantchev


Act Three, Scene One
Betrie thinks her quest is almost done. With the help of Ariel and the rest of her friends, she has managed to find her father and rescue Nate from Sedna, the Sea Goddess. Now, all she has to do is reunite her father, the Scrimshander, with her mother, Ophelia, and she will finally have a true family of her own.

Exit Stage Right
However, things are never easy for Beatrice Shakespeare Smith. Her father has vanished, Sedna is out for revenge, her own actions have trapped the Théâtre Illuminata in a strange kind of limbo, and the stress of her in-between state is tearing apart the fragile threads of her mother’s sanity. Bertie’s best hope for salvaging the situation may lie in a summons by Her Gracious Majesty, Queen of the Distant Castle, and the hope of winning the magical boon given to the best performance.

Bertie is caught between her growing responsibilities to home and family, and the dream of flying free – just as her heart is torn between her two loves, Nate and Ariel. With so any forces pulling on her, how will Bertie be able to choose which wish to make come true?


I think this was a good ending to this series. While I might not have liked it, it was a good ending. I was disappointed in Ariel, though. He seemed like the only responsible one. Though…Nate grew into that role. I don’t know how I feel about Ariel leaving. (Oops. Spoiler!) And I can’t truly say if I liked how Bertie handled things. I do have complaints, though.

Where did all the magic come from? I like magic as much as the next guy, but this is too much. Word-magic? That’s a thing now? Erm…okay? I don’t get that. Uh…alright.

I also didn’t like the romance. Where’s the spark? The buzz-buzz? The lovey kissy scenes? It was lacking. (I know I say this for this book, but I mean it for all three.) I don’t exactly like the romance…

I also don’t like Bertie. What an odd character! She has many magics. It’s hard to keep count. I wish I could have her magics. Where did she  get them? Seems like she summoned most from her heart of hearts. Wish I could do that…

Overall, the book was a quick read. The concept wasn’t bad. But I didn’t thoroughly enjoy it. I prefer other fantasy books, thank you very much.




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