Welcome Remy D!

Hi, everyone! I’m Remy D. Or Remedy. I prefer Remedy when I’m online. I’m another reviewer on this blog. (Wren tells me that  we might move to blogspot, though. 😦 I don’t particularly want to move since I just joined!) Wren and I are online buddies, meeting over Goodreads. Heh heh. I actually don’t use my account anymore, so I’ll be sharing hers and writing my reviews on HER Goodreads. (Sneaky, aren’t I?) While Wren writes…duller and more formulaic reviews, I try to be more upbeat. Heh heh.

Here’s a bit about me.

I’m a seventeen-year-old in New York. I’m a guy. I love fantasy and contemporary/realistic fiction. I like photography too. Looking at it not taking it. I’m a big animal rights guy. (GO WWF.) I also like writing, but I don’t get a lot of writing opportunities.

I hope you guys enjoy my reviews! Don’t worry, though. Wren will be on here much more often than I. I have a lot of school with writing club and AP classes to watch over. She’s not as busy as I. Heh heh.




(Wren says that she will update the followers on the move to Blogspot if she ends up choosing that. She will also update the ‘Contact’ page to put my email as well as hers. These are personal ones since she doesn’t check the official one as often.)


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