‘Heir of Fire’ Review

Title: Heir of Fire
Author: Sarah J Maas
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, YA Fiction, Action, Supernatural
Premise: Celaena is now Aelin. She is the future queen. If only she can repair herself. The death of her friend now haunts her, and she is torn between keeping her promise and simply giving up.
We have Manon a witch training to be part of the King of Adarlan’s army.
We have Chaol who wants to help his friend Prince Dorian who now has magic.
And Dorian who is struggling to keep his magic under control. And feeling lost.
Plot: I won’t go too into this. It’s an interesting story, so I don’t want to give anything away.
We start off with a broken Celaena. She goes to her aunt Maeve the Fae Queen. Before she can get answers about the Wyrdkeys, she has to prove herself. She has to learn to curb her fire magic. She is taught by Fae prince Rowan.
We get to see Manon a witch. She’s training to be the flying leader in the king’s army.
We get to see Chaol as he tries to pull himself together after Celaena left. Chaol goes after Aedion who is Aelin’s cousin. And Chaol and Aedion, who hate each other, end up being allies when trying to find how to break the magic spell.
We get to Dorian as he courts a healer girl named Sorscha who helps him calm his magic.
This plot has action. Most of the action is in Celaena’s part. I do think her part is the best. The others seem quite useless. It’s interesting to know about Manon, but it’s useless. It isn’t important. It doesn’t seem to help or hurt the story. It doesn’t seem like it’ll come into play later.
Character Development: There are many stories woven together. You get a bit of each side of the story, so I’ll have a lot to talk about when it comes to characters. I’ll give the main characters for each character.
Celaena/Aelin. I like Celaena. At first, in this book, I hated her. She was so naggy. She kept whining and being a drunken queen. I didn’t like that. She changes. She ends up being stronger and braver. And ready to face Adarlan. She flees the country in the beginning of this book, but she ends up becoming the queen Aedion and Rowan want her to be.
Rowan. Rowan is the cold-hearted person you hate in the beginning. You slowly like him as these things unfold. You feel like his cold heart melts. You see pieces of who he was when he was younger. Rowan is an old man. Think Legolas Greenleaf from JRR Tolkien. You seem to hate him. I don’t like him. He’s a bit annoying. I do admire his spirit and how he handles training Celaena. And how he pulls her out of her shell. I feel like there was a hint of romance there, but I’m all for Chaol and Celaena.
Dorian. Dorian Dorian Dorian. Always the man the ladies want. I feel like he sheds that title and becomes the prince he is. No. He becomes the king he will be. Dorian has to face his problems and the magic in his veins. I feel like it shouldn’t have been romance between him and Sorscha. I think that Dorian’s part should have been more of him finding himself and less romance.
Aedion. I don’t like him. He’s annoying. And in love with Celaena. I think that he might be the one who will die. He seems like he is willing to die for his queen. I want one thing for him. I want him to see Celaena. Just once.
Chaol. I feel like Chaol’s part is much smaller. He’s the rebel in this book not the lover. I honestly preferred him as the lover. Chaol is in shock about Aelin/Celaena, and I feel like he should be. But he’s always the nice guy and focuses on Dorian and helping his prince. I hope Chaol ends up with Celaena. I liked that couple.
Sorscha. Sorscha is someone I want more things about. She’s the nice girl. The girl who ends up wrapped up in the mess of things. I admit, the plot twist with her and the rebels surprises me. A lot more than I expected. She is the lover in this book. I wanted her to stay that way.
Manon. Ah. I like Manon. She’s supposed to be heartless. But she isn’t. She cares even if she tries not to acknowledge it. I want to see more of him. Even though her part of the story is utterly useless.
Problems: There are more problems in the beginning. I think the beginning is annoying. It’s as if the author is trying to understand her characters again after going on a break. I want to like the beginning. I don’t, though. The characters seem off. Celaena seems too…off. She would be raging not drowning her sorrows in cheap wine.
The different point of views is annoying. It’s Celaena’s story. I think it should be just her. I don’t want anyone else. I wanted just her, but we got more than we asked for. I don’t mind reading about Dorian and his powers, but that part was too much romance. I wanted Dorian finding himself.
The romance is lacking. I feel like Dorian and Sorscha just…happen to end up together. And Dorian’s playboy ways haven’t changed too much. It seems like to be a little odd. There isn’t chemistry between them.
I wish that Chaol thought more about Celaena. I know he wants to block it out, but he needs to think a bit about her. Celaena did.
Good points: The plot is action. Simply action. With romance and politics thrown in. The action is mostly on Celaena’s part. I like her part a lot. It’s nice to see her change from broken to healed. Or healing. I like that about this story. I like seeing her change. I like seeing her power.
I do think another good point is the part of Dorian and Chaol getting with the rebels. I like that. I think this story is great with the rebels. The rebels will help rebuild Terrasen.
The characters are interesting while they aren’t the same as I remember. It’s been a while, but the characters do have pasts that pull you in. That’s this series. Pulling you in. You are pulled into this story, and it’s hard to get out.
Score: 7/10
Recommended: If you like the series. If you like fantasy. If you like rebirth and redemption.

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