Top Ten Reasons Why I Love ‘The Raven Cycle’

The fantastic Maggie Stiefvater is hosting an ARC giveaway for her series The Raven Cycle. For the third book in the trilogy, ‘Blue Lily, Lily Blue’. Thankfully, this is one of those times when I have read and reviewed what books are out so far.

But. That doesn’t matter. I’m here to explain why I love this series. (Yes, I used the word love. I really do love it. I can’t help it. It’s a fantastic series.)


Here are my top ten reasons why I love ‘The Raven Cycle’

1: It’s another Maggie Stiefvater. While I don’t love her other books, it’s nice to take a new look on the fantasy/urban fantasy world.

2: The premise is golden. The idea is original and unused. The girl sees a soul wandering and knows she either loved him or killed him.

3: While the premise is amazing, the book goes off-topic and dives into something else. This ‘something else’ is quite amazing. Dead king. Dead boy. Interesting amount of death.

4: This isn’t just a romance book. It’s about friendship and family. I feel like romance is taking off the fiction world, and this is a nice change.

5: The characters are plain amazing. You love them. You hate them. You want to cuddle and kill them. These are amazing characters. I feel like Blue wasn’t the best character, but the boys definitely were.

6: Plot twists. The Noah plot twist. The Adam one. People getting stalked by crazy people with an agenda. People being spoken to in Latin. By trees. (Trees, people.)

7: Gansey is the crazy mad man who just seems to work. I do love Gansey’s character. I prefer  Ronan since…who doesn’t love troubled youth? But Gansey just resonates a bit with me. He wears masks. He’s this crazy guy who wakes up in the middle of the night to jot things down. I mean…as a crazy writer myself, I feel like there’s some connection there.

8: The fantasy isn’t overpowering. Sometimes, you get books with overpowering fantasy. While there are some major scenes that are soaked with fantasy, you don’t feel overwhelmed. You get just the right about of reality.

9: Rich boys. You can’t go wrong with rich guys. Well…you can, but, at the same time, you can’t. The Raven Boys were done well. They were interesting; some were troubled. It’s nice because they have all the money in the world to do what they want, but they’re looking for this dead king. And they all have their own reasons.

10: Ronan. He deserves his own reason. He is someone troubled by his past, and he is a magical being in a way. Not that he enjoys his magical being-ness. He has to adapt to it, though. And get used to it. That’s how Ronan is. He is a vivid character, and I can’t wait to see more of him.

11: (An extra reason) I feel like this plot is always keeping me on my toes. There is action and romance and just enough of each. I feel satisfied when I read this series. I do hope that ‘Blue Lily, Lily Blue’ has some Blue and Gansey action and is a good book. No. It will be a good book. I can tell.


If you want to enter the giveaway yourself, here is the link:

I hope that I get this book. (I was considering buying a signed copy, but I decided against it. I mean…as much as I love the series, I don’t think I want to ask for money for books from my parents. They are against the ‘buying books’ thing.)


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