‘Take Me Tomorrow’ Review

Title: Take Me Tomorrow
Author: Shannon Thompson
Genre: Dystopian, Action, Romance, YA fiction, Adventure
Premise: This is a story about tomo. It is a new society after the Phelps massacre. Tomo is the drug that let’s you see into the future.
Sophia is the daughter of a government worker in the Topeka region. She meets the mysterious boy in her woods one day, and her life changes drastically.
Plot: This plot is action. That is it in one word. No. It would be action and plans. Noah plans much more than you might think.
We meet Noah in the woods as a stranger to Sophia. We meet him again and again until the story unravels.
I truly don’t want to spoil it. Let me say these things.
The characters reveal connections slowly. Plans get unveiled steadily. You meet characters and love them and enjoy watching them attack and be attacked.
You have attacks on different places and the police searching for the main characters.
Again. I don’t want to give anything away. You have to read to find out.
Character Development: There are so many characters. It’s hard to keep track. I’ll put a few down, the most important ones.
Sophia. I like Sophia. To an extent. She has spunk and determination. I don’t like her at first really. She’s a bit annoying, but you get used to her. You soon love her troublemaking. And you start to love Noah and Sophia. I like how she changes. She’s so innocent and naive at first, but she ends up knowing. She ends up learning and loving. I don’t mind the love really. I root for Sophia and Noah to work.
Noah. Ah. The star of the show. I like him. Sure, he’s a tomo addict. Sure, he overdoses. But. He wants his sister back. Even for ulterior motive. I feel like he’s the most human in a way. He has real problems. Dead family members. A traitorous cousin. Family secrets. And different things that make him unique. I really hope Shannon writes another book and writes it in Noah’s point of view.
Broden. I don’t particularly like Broden. Broden is the troublemaker. But he cares even if he hides it. Broden is the character you want to hate but you can’t. I don’t hate him. He just isn’t my favorite. I do wonder how he ended up. I do expect a sequel.
Lily. Ah. Lily. I don’t like her too much. She is like Sophia in the determined way. Stubborn. Crazy stubborn. I mean, she isn’t a great character. But I don’t mind her.
Miles. I don’t like Miles. He’s stiff. And crazy. He doesn’t seem like the type of person to join Noah and Broden. Miles is the innocent one here. No matter what he does. I don’t like that. I really don’t like him. I could like him if he had more development and scenes.
Problems: I feel like the main problem is in the beginning. It isn’t that interesting at first. It is a bit dull. I know that beginnings aren’t usually interesting, but this is a slow beginning. So many questions…
I don’t like tomo. It doesn’t seem possible. How can you predict the future? That isn’t possible. It’s a romantic idea, but it just doesn’t seem possible. At all.
Good points: I like the action. Action scenes make me very happy. I like the action. I wish there were more fight scenes, though.
I also like Noah and Sophia as a couple. I knew something was coming. But I like it too. I like it a lot. It’s something I wanted to end up happening. I was pretty happy when it did end up.
Another thing I like? The plans. Sophia doesn’t know everything, and she ends up getting pieces of the plan part by part. And I don’t like not knowing. It’s a good surprise when you get something else. I like that in books sometimes. It doesn’t usually work when you get random surprises. But it works in this book.
Score: 8/10
Recommended: If you like dystopian stories. With cliffhangers.

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