I have recently written goals that I would like to accomplish for this blog. I might start another, less serious, blog. (Since it seems like readers prefer funny to serious.)


These are my goals currently:

October 2014 (secret importance): 50 followers (in total. Bloglovin, Feedburner)

February 2015 (half year anniversary): 100 followers (in total. Bloglovin, Feedburner)

April 2015 (secret importance): 2 ARCs, (an impossible dream) and 1 signed book (also quite impossible)

August 2015 (one year anniversary): 200 followers (in total. Bloglovin, Feedburner)

February 2016 (one and half year anniversary): 300 followers (in total. Bloglovin, Feedburner)


If I can reach 50 followers by October (a month away), I will do something special. Perhaps a post about myself or perhaps a post about my bookshelf. (Which means I have books. Not that many, honestly.)

I hope I can reach 50 followers. Please, tell other people about my blog. I would love it if I got more followers! It would be exciting for me. (And I am already on tack for one ARC, and that is exciting as well.)

Thank you for reading this very random, and out of place, post.

As a side note, I will start doing recommendations. (I can’t promise how often I will post these, but they will be short and to the point. Expect the first recommendation to be within now and the end of the week.)

Thank you to all my followers, the limited number of people you are.


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