‘The Revenge of Seven’

Title: The Revenge of Seven

Author: Pittacus Lore

Genre: Supernatural, Science Fiction, Romance, YA Fiction, Action, Adventure


Premise: This book picks up from the last one. Ella has been taken by Setrakus Ra. Four and Sam and Sarah and the other humans, plus Adam, are all together. They are separated from Six, Nine, and Marina who have been in Florida. And have been defeated by Five. Five has killed Eight, and Marina mourns his loss. (Remember? She had a thing for him.) Six, Nine, and Marina are all broken. They don’t ‘click’ like they used to.

And Setrakus Ra is coming. The Mogadorian Progress is coming.

And the Garde have to fight back.


Plot: Oh my. This plot. The action was riveting. The romance was there, but it wasn’t as thickly done as in some of the other books.

You start with Ella being stuck on the Mogadorian ship Anubis. You have to struggle to not want to somehow reach through the imagination and shoot Setrakus Ra. And you’re tossed to Florida to the remains of the team who went there. Marina is in mourning. Nine is blaming himself. Six seems like the only sane one. (Though, you would expect the sane one to typically be Marina.) You are thrust back into this world of action and amazing superpowers called Legacies. Of course, Marina has a new ice power. And you’re tossed to Four and Sam and Sarah. Sarah, sadly, has to separate from Four and is thrust into the world of the news to help uncover the truth about a publishing that went online called ‘They Walk Among Us’. Plus, we get a nice helping of action scenes.

I won’t go into detail. I won’t ruin too much of anything. I do think you just need to pick up this series and read it for yourself. It’s an amazing series.

The only thing I will give away is this: Eight. He has his own little scene. I did appreciate him coming back. Even if it’s only like four pages long. Eight’s death was so abrupt and unexpected. And I have something else.

Sam turns more badass than he already is. I do like his character, and I’m excited to find out what happens next.

And the book ends with a cliffhanger. I can’t wait for the next book. (I hope it’s the last book. I feel like it will be. The war is just starting, but the series seems like it’s just closing.)


Character Development: There are only a few point of views. I’ll use those as the characters since you see more of those characters. I usually don’t like books when the plot is thrown from character to character. It usually ends up being terrible. This is one of those times when I liked it. You were left on the edge, wondering what happens next.

Four aka John Smith. Am I the only one who doesn’t like Four? I prefer Nine’s cockiness or Six’s amazing ability to fight and stay calm in some situations where others would freak.  I just don’t like Four. He’s brave and daring. Cute and quirky. I don’t like the romance. I think it’s good for the plot, but almost all of the characters are paired off in this series. And Four is the first one really in a couple. No, he is the first member of the Garde in a couple. Four is one of those people who wish would be less mentioned. He’s a great leader. I’ll admit that without hesitation. I just want to know more about Nine and his plushy life or why Five turned to the other side. I know he wants to survive, but I feel like Five has another motivation.

Ten aka Ella. Ah. Ten. The youngest of them all. I do like her. She’s spunky enough. She’s kind and caring. She wants the best for her friends and is brave enough to risk her own life to save the world. I think she is a very good character. Of course, I hate that she can change appearance, so her age seems to fall to nothing. She’s only a child. Only a child. I hate that these things happen to her at such a young age, but I know it makes sense. In some cruel way. I want to know more about Ella. I can’t wait to see if she adds in more. She grows stronger and stronger with each book.

Six. Gosh. I love Six. She’s one of the best characters in this series. She’s badass. She doesn’t usually falter. She hates when she can’t protect her friends. She’s loyal and brave. Six, though, is one of those ‘immortal’ characters. In a way. I do hope she survives. No. I know she will. In this book, she’s more meek than I expected. She has to play mediator and babysitter to a mourning Marina and a furious Nine who is furious at himself. She has to patch things up and be the rational one. A surprising change. But. I do think she handles things well. I can’t wait to read about her. My only problem with her… Sam. Poor Sam. Six will break his little heart. I don’t want to see that. Sam’s nice. I want him to live a normal life. Well…too late now.


Problems: Ah. Problems. There aren’t any. Not to me.

The romance isn’t a problem. The romance isn’t heavy. It is just right.

The cliffhanger is tearing me apart. I want to know what happens next. Why can’t there be a release date? I know this came out recently, but I do want to know. Who survives? What about Sam? Does Eight ever resurface? Does Five get killed? (I’m actually feeling him grow on me. He really is just a coward.) I have so many questions whirling through my head. I want to know more.

The parts with Setrakus Ra actually make me…feel for him? Just a bit? I mean, he is Loric, but he isn’t. I want to hate him with a burning passion, but he’s just a zealot. With bad ideals. I know that sounds bad, but I’m all for the bad guy turned good. I know that’s a farfetched idea with this book, but there is that sliver of hope.


Good points: This book is almost entirely just good points. The action is amazing. The romance, as I said, is just right. The cliffhanger, while tearing me apart, is a great cliffhanger. If there is such a thing. The plot is amazing. It isn’t fast or slow. Most people would hate the changing of point of view, but I actually think that helps the book. The thing about Eight made me all mushy-gushy on the inside. I do hope Eight gets his own novella if he doesn’t have one already. I can’t wait to know more. I want to know more.

This is one of those series that I don’t mind waiting. No. I do mind the waiting, but I can’t wait for the next book. But I can. I really want this series to continue, but I know it has to end.

Ah. There are so many conflicting emotions with this book.

Let’s just say it’s an amazing series. Let’s just say it’s an amazing book.

Pittacus Lore, you have officially blown my mind. Your writing is fantastic, and your plot is interesting. Your characters are of different personalities and backgrounds. You keep in diversity without making it too obvious.

Good sir, you have done a right in this messed-up world.


Score: 8/10

Recommended: If you like the series. If you like kickass aliens trying to take revenge on the race who destroyed their planet. (Am I the only one reminded of ‘Doctor Who’?)



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