September To-Reads

For me, I won’t make this long list of to-reads. I won’t get time to read them all, but I do think I have time to read some.

Here they are (as well as reasons for me wanting to read them):

‘Anna and the French Kiss’ by Stephanie Perkins

Why? The buzz. It’s killing me. Honestly, I’m only reading this to know the hype.


‘Lola and the Boy Next Door’ by Stephanie Perkins

Why? Again. Buzz buzz buzz.


‘Isla and the Happily Ever After’ by Stephanie Perkins

Why? Do I have to even repeat myself?


‘Finnikin of the Rock’ by Melina Marchetta

Why? This seems interesting enough. I thought, ‘Why not?’ when I saw the description.


‘Froi of the Exiles’ by Melina Marchetta

Why? When I start a series, I intend to finish it.


‘Quintana of the Charyn’ by Melina Marchetta

Why? Again. Same reason as ‘Froi.’


‘Heir of Fire’ by Sarah J Maas

Why? I don’t particularly like this series, but this cover looks amazing. And the hype is rising for this book. It’s no ‘The Hunger Games’ but enough people have  noticed it. I feel like I just need to read it to finish the series.


‘Infinite Sea’ by Rick Yancey

Why? Well! I actually like this book. I can’t wait to know what happens next. To Ben. To Cassie. To everyone. I hope Evan didn’t die. I know it’s a stupid notion, but I hoped, somehow, he survived. Why? I truly do like Cassie and him together. It’s cute.


‘Day 21’ by Kass Morgan

Why? The series has compelled me to keep going. Sure, the last book was a cliffhanger, and I want to know more, but I want to know how accurate the show is compared to the series. After all, the series isn’t even done, and the show is past season one.


‘Fellowship of the Ring’ by JRR Tolkien

Why? I haven’t actually read this series, but I’ve seen the movies. I want to know what happens. I truly do. I want to read it and see the written language. It is quite interesting for me to have read ‘The Lord of the Flies’ a few years back but not this one. Huh.


‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ by Morgan Matson

Why? I think most books don’t put enough emphasis on friendship. This book seems to be an exception. I do want to read it. Not necessarily for hype.


I know that eleven books is a stretch. I probably won’t finish all of them unless they are short, two hundred pages long books. I know that most of them are around…three to four hundred pages. I’m not sure about most of them, though. It’s interesting for me. It’s a challenge. I’ll update you when September ends on how many I’ve read. (Of course, this is no dent in my 100+ to-reads list. I hope to read two books a day when Christmas break comes, but that’s far off. For now, I’ll stick to one hundred pages a day.)


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