‘The Shadow Throne’ Review

Title: The Shadow Throne

Author: Jennifer A Nielsen

Genre: Fantasy, YA Fiction, Romance


Premise: The premise picks up after the second book. This book is focused on the war between Avenia and Carthya. And Imogen is missing. And Jaron is determined to find her. Jaron jumps into idiotic rescue missions to save his friends, and his romantic interest Imogen.


Plot: The plot is interesting. To an extent. It is a bit…oddly paced. I feel like we’re left out of too much. Jaron is like Nate from ‘Leverage’. His plans are never explained. Which I hate since there are way too much ‘I planned that’. It felt as if the author was winging it and making Jaron, this young teen guy, this genius. I’m not saying there aren’t teen geniuses, but this guy doesn’t seem to have enough education to really figure out all these possibilities. But. I’ll go into details in the character development section.

To me, the plot is a bit dull. It just seems to skim over things. The book seems too short for me. The plot was slower than I cared for. Sure, it was interesting to bring up the pirates, but this book didn’t really need to be more than the first book. I didn’t care for the series.

And we have the romance. It seems realistic enough. Enough. I just feel like almost all books include romance when it shouldn’t be there. The romance just didn’t work for me. The emotions behind Imogen’s ‘death’ is interesting, but I don’t particularly like it. I felt as if the story should have been more battle strategies.


Character Development: I can’t pinpoint who to write about other than Jaron, so I’ll write only about him. Yes, there is Mott and Roden and Tobias, but I felt as if no one really played a bigger part than Jaron. And no one else came close.

Jaron. Jaron is an unbelievable character. Why do I say that? I can’t believe how smart he is. He plans ahead. Not many people can plan that far ahead. As I said, I think that the author kept making random plot twists and fixing Jaron to him. And don’t forget the romance. The romance between him and Imogen? I don’t see it. Where is it coming from? Honestly! Jaron, I understand your emotional pain. It hurts when people you love just die. Or disappear. But. I didn’t feel as if Jaron was a realistic character. He had the emotions, but there didn’t seem to be the depth. I felt as if the author just doesn’t write a good character. Jaron isn’t a character I particularly like. He seems impossible. And he’s only like…fourteen. That keeps throwing me off. Why don’t they stick a regent on the throne? He isn’t old enough to accept the duties of a king. Not until he’s eighteen at least.


Problems: There are just too many problems. The characters aren’t that amazing. I didn’t feel for them. I didn’t feel as if they were real. The romance was too sudden. The last chapter of this book was just plain terrible. It didn’t work. Just speeding up time? That isn’t how you end a book. I felt as if it was some mixed-up fairy tale. The story ended with happily ever after. I don’t like how the plot is. It feels…fast paced at times and too slow at other times. The plot jumps over important points. The author gives vague descriptions sometimes.

The war didn’t seem like war. It was more like some malfunctioning dance. War isn’t just throwing plans around. It isn’t just about spies. It’s about action and battles. It’s gore and blood. I felt like this war wasn’t good enough. It was just boring and simple. War is interesting. War isn’t always the best thing in the world. War isn’t even a good thing.

This series wasn’t something I enjoyed overall. I prefer more action. Less romance. This book just didn’t reach my expectations. My expectations were low to begin with.


Good points: There aren’t many good points, honestly. I felt like this book could have been better. The book really didn’t meet my expectations. Not that I wanted to read a third book for this series. I don’t think there are any good points. The war could have been better.

I don’t have any good points. I’m only giving it a 5/10 to be nice.


Score: 5/10

Recommended: If you like more romance than action. If you don’t mind a mildly boring story.



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