Interview With…-drum roll- MARISSA MEYER

Marissa Meyer is the author of ‘Cinder’.
She is part of Fierce Reads. Her books are part of Macmillan Publishing. She, so far, has published ‘Cinder’, ‘Scarlet’, and, recently, ‘Cress’. They are all science fiction, dystopian spins on the classic fairy tales Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Rapunzel.
I hope you enjoy the interview with Marissa Meyer.
As a child, did you want to be a writer?

I did – being a professional writer is a dream come true for me. I always had an overactive imagination growing up, and I loved to read and immerse myself in books, and I always wanted to go on dreaming about the stories and characters even after the book was over. As soon as I realized that writing stories was a job that people could do, I knew that was the job for me. Now it’s so amazing to me to hear from readers who have a strong connection to my books, like I did to the books I loved as a kid. It never stops being surreal!

How many books do you intend to write for this series?

The Lunar Chronicles will consist of five books when it’s finished – the main story will incluce CINDER (Cinderella), SCARLET (Little Red Riding Hood), CRESS (Rapunzel), AND WINTER (Snow White). Plus I have a prequel coming out next January that is focused entirely on evil queen Levana. I hope readers will enjoy them all!

Do you intend to branch out to other genres once ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ is finished?

Right now I plan on staying in the young adult field for quite a while. I love writing for teens, and all of my best ideas seem to fit with this age group. But within YA, I have ideas for all sorts of genres! The Lunar Chronicles are science-fiction, but my next novel, HEARTLESS, will be fantasy, and after that I want to write an action adventure series. I also have ideas for contemporary romances, historicals, gothic horror, and more! I’ll have to see where inspiration takes me, and hope that readers will come along for the ride.

Do you like book tours?

There are pros and cons to going on book tour. On one hand, I LOVE meeting readers! There’s nothing like that face-to-face interaction to know that my book is really finding its readership out in the real world, and the fans can be so passionate and enthusiastic. There’s nothing else like it. On the other hand, touring can be exhausting (it’s a lot of early mornings and long flights!), and it takes you away from writing, which for must of us, is what we really want to be doing. I wouldn’t want to stop touring, but it’s important to find a balance.

What do you do in your free time? I know this is a bit personal question, but it will be interesting to know. Writers have lives outside of writing. Maybe. Possibly.

LOL – we *sort of* have lives outside of writing! I’m a huge reader – I would rather be immersed in a book than do just about anything else! But beyond that, my husband and I are always up for an adventure. We go on a lot of roadtrips and we’re always up to something. (This week alone we went to two concerts, plus a whale watching cruise in the San Juan Islands.)  We also go to a lot of antique stores, estate sales, and baseball games.


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