Books Turned Movies

This is a big argument going on now on social media. ‘If I Stay’ has been officially released in movie theaters, and ‘The Giver’ is out  as well. The world is waiting eagerly for ‘The Maze Runner’.


The question is…should books be turned into movies? For me, the answer is…drum roll please…no.

You’re probably sitting there in shock, but I do have reasons.

For me, I don’t like sitting in a movie theater. You’re just sitting on your butt. Your butt might go numb. You might get uncomfortable. You might get hungry.

And movies seem to always get me in the mood for high caloric foods. I don’t particularly enjoy munching on a ten serving, one hundred calories per serving bucket of popcorn. Now. Don’t think that I always think that way. I have my little indulgences. I do eat things that are non-low calories. It’s just…more often you’ll see me ogle at the serving size and calorie count.

Do I like the movies? Not really. I prefer to watch things on my computer. I just don’t like the movies. What if the apocalypse happens? What would you do then?

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it?


Do I like the books made into movies? Sometimes. I’m not a fan of ‘The Giver’ or ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, but I still watched it. They weren’t bad. They looked cool. I cried in ‘TFIOS’. I loved the gray-turned-color of ‘The Giver’. There are parts of movies that I love.


I prefer books. You can touch books. You can feel them. I see things in words in my mind’s eyes. Mostly. I see the word cat not a cat when someone says cat. I’m just one of those people. I don’t see a picture in my mind when I read. I see words. I feel the emotion.

But I don’t see a picture.

Why do I hate books turned movies? Why do I not like them? They normally mess things up. And I hate that. I truly do.


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