Schools: Fiction versus Reality

I recently had my first day. (It was today, actually.) For me, school wasn’t at all like I expected it to be. (I have been at private and homeschooling for a few years. Public school changes.) I expected to see skateboarders riding. Seniors flirting. People looking…public school-y.

Like in the books. Like in the movies.

I was dead wrong. It was a hustle and bustle of people. My classes were so widely spread out! I could barely make it to one class on the other side of the campus. It’s really interesting really. I’m quite short in this school. I look, and feel, like a dwarf from LOTR! It’s amusing how young I am in my classes. Except for the ones everyone in the grade takes. (Aka history and  English.)

It’s odd how books get it so wrong sometimes. I mean…I haven’t been bullied. I haven’t been shoved. Sure, I’ve seen someone’s ass getting slapped, but that’s as far as things go. I guess it’s because my mind is drenched in fantasy.



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