‘The Giver’ Movie

I recently saw ‘The Giver’ at the movies. It was something I keep thinking about. I kept myself mostly silent afterwards to give myself time to think. I don’t like speaking after movies; it seems wrong to me. I rather just be silent and mull over the movie for an hour.

Yes. I’ve read the book. I read it about two or so years ago. Maybe one. I’m not sure. To me, this book had more to it. It wasn’t just a love story.

It made me wonder what defines humanity. It made me wonder who has the right to define it. I kept thinking about  why anyone would want to be ordinary. Blending into the crowd vs standing out. I’m not one for standing out, but I like my differences. Differences make you…well…you. You can’t ignore them. Not everyone knows how to burp the alphabet or say fifteen digits of pi. Not everyone speaks Russian. Not everyone can tie their shoes on with their eyes shut.

Differences define you.

In a dystopian world, differences are sometimes evil. It’s always interesting to see how authors write in dystopian worlds. Seems to me that they all share maybe a few basic techniques. Bad guy vs good guy. Maybe a war. Maybe a natural disaster. It all changes, but dystopian books have something that draws me in. The lure of the future. The adventure. The danger.

How do people do it?


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