‘Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ Review

Title: Voyage of the Dawn Trader

Author: CS Lewis

Genre: Fantasy, J Fiction, Adventure, Action


Note: I watched the movie version before reading the book. I know that isn’t a good thing, but this is the last review I will do with the movie first. Hopefully. I have seen the movies for ‘Lord of the Rings’ before I read the books. And I haven’t read the books yet. I will do that soon as I finish all the stand-alone books or the books I started but never finished.


Premise: This book starts off with Lucy, Edmund, and their annoying cousin Eustace going into Narnia. Via a picture on the wall. They go on an adventure with the king of Narnia for three or so years Caspian. They sail around to the end of the world where Reepicheep hopes to see Aslan’s land. And perhaps go there.


Plot: The plot is more action than anything else. You get to  see different islands and different stories within those islands. You get to see Eustace change. I actually like Edmund and Eustace as characters. So what if they were rude at first? They changed for the better in the end.

This is interesting. You actually forget that the journey was originally to find all the lords sent away not to explore the islands. You get to have different perspectives as they go through different places. They see Edmund’s perspective. There is Eustace as a dragon. There is Lucy in the magician’s castle. I actually like the Dufflepods. They were cute. An interesting part of the story.

You get to see the different islands. Each island has its own story. Really, you could make a television series for each island and develop the story more. Especially that one where they found Rhoop, or however you spell that guy’s name. The dark island. What did he see? That is something you can expand on. You can bring out the story with that.


Character Development:

Lucy. She is ever the cute girl. I do love Lucy. She has an amazing imagination. She sees things others don’t. She’s also kindhearted. She could probably befriend most anyone. It would be nice if there were Lucys in the world. Lucy learns more as she travels. I love that she has her own island story. The Dufflepods. I do like when Aslan comes. And he usual comes just for Lucy. Is it wrong to feel as if they would be a cute ship if Chronicles of Narnia had romance? I’m not sure.

Edmund. Edmund is very the annoyance. He is someone who was a traitor, but he was redeemed. And he brings this up. Or the narrator does. Edmund doesn’t seem to have his own island story. This book seems more of Eustace’s story than Edmund’s. Edmund’s story might be the first book ‘The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe’. Edmund is still one of my favorite characters. His actor isn’t too bad on the eyes.

Caspian. Caspian is older in this story. He’s more mature, but he still is a bit childish. I assume he’s a teenager now. He must have gone to wars since he grows a bit wiser. He is still impulsive. At the end when he wants to go to Aslan’s world, he acts like a petulant child.

Eustace. Eustace is someone to hate  at first. He acts like a brat. He acts like he’s in charge. He isn’t a big player in the beginning of the book. He comes more into play once he is turned into a dragon, and turned back. In the movie, Eustace stays a dragon much longer. And the bond between Reep and Eustace is deeper in the movie compared to the book. Then again, I can’t judge on the movie.

For me, it seems like Eustace is the only one growing, but this seems like his book. I know it’s wrong to label each book to a certain character, but it seems that way. The Pevensies are the main characters in book one. Caspian’s book is the second one. Eustace is the star in this book. I know that all the characters seem to appear, but it seems that way.


Problems: The language is hard to understand sometimes. I feel like I need a dictionary to help me. Some of the phrases seem mis-worded. It’s hard to read sometimes. And I don’t know all of the words since some devices were used in CS Lewis’s time but not now. It’s confusing.

I don’t think this book has too many problems. It seems a bit…abrupt in the way it ends. I wish it could have gone on and gone. And I hate how Lucy and Edmund won’t return. Those two were my favorite characters! I loved them in Narnia. They were amazing.

I do with that there were more action scenes. I know that’s odd since there are action scenes. The action doesn’t seem so real. It’s like CS Lewis hadn’t seen a swordfight. He might have. He might not. I haven’t seen one, but books of this time are more gory and bloody. I understand that this is a book for middle and elementary school kids. There could have been more action. It might be just me. I’m used to a daily dose of action.

This book seems rushed. I understand that young adult fiction is longer, but this book could have been longer than two hundred some pages. I’m used to longer books not books I can finish in one day.


Good points: I think the characters are good points. They are quite well-written. I do like them. They are people who seem real. I like how Eustace changed. It is quick change, though. Which is something I don’t like. This book is a bit too fast-paced. CS Lewis could have gone slower and made this a three hundred paged book.

The Dufflepods. I can’t get over them. It’s just so adorable. They are adorable. The lure of the magic book must have been hard for Lucy. That is my favorite. I really did like it. It was an interesting island, an interesting chapter.

I know that isn’t much to say, but I like the books in themselves. The premise of Narnia in general is quite amazing. This book isn’t as amazing as the others. This had so much potential, but it didn’t get me all excited. It might be because the movie brought up my hopes…


Score: 6/10

Recommended: If you like a quick, adventure read. If you like the series and want to continue reading the Chronicles of Narnia.



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