‘Prince Caspian’ Review

Title: Prince Caspian
Author: CS Lewis
Genre: J fiction, fantasy, action 
Note: I watched the movie first. I only recently got into reading this series. 
Premise: This book starts at the point where you think the kids are going to have a normal life. But nope! They’re drawn back into Narnia by Susan’s horn. They will all be throw into an older Narnia where humans, new ones, roam.
Plot: The plot is a typical CS Lewis. It drags you out for a while. You don’t get the action until later on. You get a fight, but you don’t get a war.
You get to see Caspian’s life. Or pieces of it. It is interesting. To a fault. It’s not all amazing. The first book, and the movies, had more magic. It was odd knowing the movie’s plot and not the book’s plot. 
Character Development:
Peter. Peter is the brave guy. He is daring and reckless. I don’t particularly like him. He acts like he knows so much. 
Susan. Susan is annoying. Geez! She acts much older than her years. She is a good character. She can definitely figure something out. She is a good archer. She is a good fighter. I like that. I like action characters. 
Edmund. Edmund is one of my favorite characters in this book. He can be crazy. He is snarky and sassy. He acts like he’s better than the others. Edmund has changed from the first book. He acts more like a king in this one. It helps that his actor is cute too.
Lucy. Lucy is so sweet. She is so kind and childish. The good childish. She acts like she is meek at times. She is one of my favorite characters in this book. She is a dreamer. A dreamer who dreams amazing dreams.
Caspian. Caspian isn’t much in the end. He is just an okay character. I feel like he is a child sometimes or a teen. I can’t place his age. He acts like he knows things. He believes. He dreams. He is a male, older Lucy. In a way. He wants to have revenge, but his character doesn’t really grow. 
The Kings and Queens of Narnia change. They go from schoolchildren to the kings and queens they are. They act more mature. 
Problems: This book is odd. It drags out the plot. It doesn’t work. I wish there was more action. I expected a battle! A war! Why was it solved so swiftly? Did CS Lewis just run out of ideas? Pah! 
This book also didn’t give me the rush I got when I saw the movies. The excitement was lost on me. It was just another book. I didn’t really enjoy it. 
The language is confusing at times. You wonder what it truly means. And you don’t always know. You have to guess sometimes.
Good points: Good points? Not many. I love the appearance of Aslan and the ‘is Lucy telling the truth’ game again. The introduction of new characters is okay. I prefer the original four, though.  It feels odd, though. I don’t feel much with this book…
Score: 5/10 
Recommended: If you like a quick read. If you liked the first book. 

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