Book Tours

Book tours. Ah. Places where you can get ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) and freebies for books. There is currently the ‘If I Stay’ book tour. To my knowledge. I’m not a fan of the book. In fact, I haven’t read it yet. I honestly don’t get the hype, but I might read it when the chatter dies down. 

For me, my state is largely ignored. I don’t get gigantic conventions like SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) or BookCon in New York. For me, I don’t get out and do fandom/book events. The only fandom merchandise I have is from the Barnes & Nobles ‘From Page to Screen’ event, ‘The Night Before Our Stars’, a book ‘convention’ at a local, state college, or from an author giving me something. (This last one is from the temporary tattoos Susan Ee said she would send me. For a giveaway. If I do one. If not…you’ll see pictures on my Instagram [@anger_management_girl See this link: Instagram ] of the temporary tattoos. Not that I enjoy those…) I don’t get around a lot. I’m still a student, so my studies occupy enough of my time.

But. I feel like my state, as well as my city, are ignored. And I live in the city where tourists come. It’s no New York City, but it’s a pretty packed place in the summer. I don’t particularly understand why no one comes to my city. Or my state. It’s hot in the summer and mildly cold in the winter. Why do no one come? Does anyone else have this problem? I feel like I’m missing out… 


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