‘Tumble & Fall’ Review

Title: Tumble & Fall

Author: Alexandra Coutts

Genre: Realistic, YA Fiction, Apocalyptic, Romance


Premise: The premise is the world is going to end. Again. But this story is unusual. The world is ending in a week. And there’s a rocket about to launch to try and stop the asteroid on its trajectory. The story is about people surviving the week before the end of the world. It’s not about survival itself. It’s about people trying to survive the grief.


Plot: The plot is interesting. It is such a short time, but it isn’t too fast. It’s surprisingly…well-paced. The twist with the rocket was interesting. It was a nice twist. And the result is much more…surprising.

For the separate character, they have stories that collide in the end.

Sienna has an interesting story line. She is reckless and crazy after her stay at a rehabilitation place. She races off someone without telling her dad. She thinks she loves this guy. She seems to be with him until she realizes how much she misses home.

Zan chases after a stupid lead. From her deceased boyfriend. From one of his favorite books. The twist in this one is nice. It’s sweet. I do hate how Zan hooked up with Nick after giving up on finding Vanessa. Giving up? Seriously? Did all your love for Leo just…disappear suddenly? No, dude. That does not happen. You seem to still have feelings for him! What’s your goddy problem? Gah. And then they discover why Leo was out on the day he died. He was looking for Joni, Zan’s sister who ran away. It’s sweet how much he cared for Zan to look for Joni/Vanessa. Oops. Spoiler.

Caden. Caden is kidnapped. Seriously? Wow… Nice touch, Dad! You totally steal your son! And he goes through this ‘nice’ hook-up with Sophie. Who is she anyways? A little toy for Arthur to play with? Seriously? And he gets to see what life might have been. And decides to go back to his island home.

All three have intertwined fates. They all end up together on the beach. They all get back together. I feel like that commonality is such an interesting point. It reminds me of


Character Development:

Zan. Zan. She is sad. She is hanging onto the past. She rushes through her chase. She ends up looking to Nick. Which…isn’t cheating but it isn’t right. I don’t like Zan. She’s annoying and cheeky. I don’t like her character. She chases after Vanessa. In the beginning, she doesn’t know the truth. But…Joni comes back. She finds out that Joni was the person Leo was looking for. She ends up understanding things. She forgives.

Sienna. For Sienna, she has depression. I guessed it in the beginning, but it came out completely. She ends up speeding through her romance with Owen. I mean…really? That history is literal history. Gah…blegh. I’m not an insta-love girl. She ends up caring about her family. She ends up going back to her family. And luckily gets a sweet, happy ending.

Caden. Caden is a smoker. A crazy party guy. He is someone who is selfish. He is selfish as fuck. He grows out of it, though. He realizes the important of family.

All of the characters realize the important of family.


Problems: The problems… Well. Insta-love. That is definitely a problem. It happens in all the stories. All three of these. Owen and Sienna. Caden and Sophie. Zan and Nick. They aren’t built on anything. Just…teens being angst-y and needing someone to kiss while the world ends.

The cliffhanger is terrible. Who survives? Who doesn’t? Does anyone survive? Seriously. I want to know!

There is also little action. There is the Caden fight scene. Not anything special. It’s a tiny action scene. I feel like this book is more teen drama. I’m not a big fan of teen drama. It’s just…okay.

The sex and hook-ups. Why are there so many hook-ups? I mean…they’re trying to survive the last week…but seriously? I hate these things. It happens too quickly. Just grabbing a girl and having sex? I know that happens in real life…but…it tainted my book!


Good points: This book is well-paced. It’s only a few days, but it’s well-paced. It’s not too quick or too slow. The gap of a few years isn’t bridged with a few pages.

The fact that all three characters went home is nice. It’s a nice touch. They get to realize that home is important. They all return for different reasons, but they all came together. Coincidence? I think not!

This story is about tomorrow. What will tomorrow bring? What is the future? That is an amazing point in a book. For a book that isn’t about a deep premise, this thought of tomorrow and family and home and hearth makes it have a deeper meaning. Yes…this book changes because of these topics.


Score: 7/10

Recommended: If you like teen angst. If you like insta-love. If you like romance.



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