‘Magic Under Stone’

Title: Magic Under Stone

Author: Jaclyn Dolamore

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, YA Fiction


Premise: This book starts off where the second book leaves off. It has Nim and Erirs searching for a way for his soul to be put back into a living body. Nim is feeling insecure about her love for Erris. The book also starts with a jinn named Ifra who is put under the command of Luka the fairy king. Well…found by Belin a prince but gifted to Luka.


Plot: The plot focuses on magic unlike the steampunk-y aspect of the first book. This book focuses on magic. Nim herself tries to learn magic.

The book starts out with Nim and Erris arriving in the city where Ordorios (I don’t even want to know how to spell that…) lives. There, they find out his daughter Violet, part fairy. She ends up being a complete and utter spoiled brat. While this happens, the jinn who is commanded by Luka arrives. He goes through a complex argument before getting ordered to destroy Erris. Now, the story continues on. The story is pretty well-paced.

Nim and Erris seem to float apart. They have a rocky relationship to begin with. Add in Hollin Parry and his confusing feelings for Nim. I admit, I don’t mind this love triangle. Hollin puts Erris and Nim in awkward positions, but he makes Erris jealous. Which shows Erris’s love.

The story gets to the point where the jinn finds Erris. And Erris has to jump into the ocean. An odd move but a smart one. I do think the ocean part is important. Erris must long for feeling sea water on his fingers and toes. I don’t want to know how it feels without a realistic body. Nim is determined to learn magic, making her more powerful. I admit…she wasn’t a strong character. Powerful, I mean. She ends up being quite…amazing in this book. She is a brave girl, but I won’t go into detail.

The jinn, though, somehow seems to ‘fall in love’ with Violet, the brattiest girl in this entire series. She too seems to be smitten.

Now, the jinn returns to the fairy lands. He is asked to do things he doesn’t want to do. Including kidnapping his ‘boo’ Violet. I really don’t think Violet and Ifra are cute as a couple. I’ll go into detail later.

Then. We discover something amazing! ERRIS IS JUST IN DEATH SLEEP. Like a coma really. I do like this. It gives you hope. I do like that in this book. Hope is very important. Nim and Erris are separated. Nim, the determined, lovesick girl she is, follows Erris back to his homelands.

And twists and turns ensue. Fake rebels. Violet being annoying as usual. Ifra gaining freedom.

And Erris is reborn!

I know I went all vague, but I didn’t want to spoil too much!

Let me tell you this, this entire story is amazing. The plot is nice. It has more action which satisfied my action needs. I do like that in this book.


Character Development: In this book, some characters that were in the first book come back in this second book. Which is nice but there are some new characters.

Nim. Nim is a bit pathetic in the beginning. She is lovesick and feels insecure about her love for Erris. Especially with Hollin Parry and his idiocy. Nim seems like my old roleplay character Alyce. Alyce too is someone who is insecure about her lover. And I love Alyce. And I like Nim. Heh heh. Nim is someone who grows from this emotionally strong by physically weak character into this character who is both emotionally and physically strong. I feel like that her trouser girl days are over. She’ll end up something better…but that strays from the premise of the first book. Nim goes through a lot of change to become the confident girl she ends up as.

Ifra. Ifra is one of those characters who change drastically. He is meek at first. He is submissive. He doesn’t know much about the world. But he changes. He meets Violet who turns his life around. I don’t believe that Violet and Ifra love each other. Maybe infatuation or lust. It doesn’t look like love to me. With his introduction to Violet, he grows rebellious and braver. He ends up being released. Sorry. Spoilers. Ifra is someone who grows out of his shell. I do appreciate that in him.

Erris. Erris is still a petulant child, but he’s a brooding, petulant child. I like brooding characters, but Erris is just wrong. He tries to joke, but he’s in mourning. I do think it’s nice that the guy is mourning. It seems like books have mourning girls not the guys. Guys can cry too! He has to grow into this mature king. I wish there was a book entirely on that…but it’s fine as just two books.

Violet. Violet. She doesn’t really change. She does. A bit. She is annoying and bratty, but she ends up the same way. She changes only a bit. She changes because of Ifra. And I personally don’t like Ifra and Violet. She does mature. She realizes that she isn’t the one who is always in control. That change is small, but it does change her into a young lady. She was originally a child, but she changed.


Problems: Problems. Well, Ifra and Violet are a problem. It is insta-love again. For me, this author seems to like insta-love. Ifra and Violet just met. And I don’t get it. They seem like this book’s version of Saf and Bitterblue. These two probably won’t last. Yes, they kissed. That doesn’t mean much. I mean…it just doesn’t work. It won’t. I can tell. No matter what they go through.

I’m not a big fan of adding in the supernatural jinn. We have fairies as is! What else? Phoenixes? Dragons? Gah. That is just a bit annoying. Why would they bring in another character? I see his purpose, but that’s another race.

I could have preferred less ‘it’s winter, and we’re being boring people’. That was the slow part. It was nice, I guess, but I didn’t particularly like it. It’s not all kickass action which is my favorite type of book. It wasn’t slow. This book has action. It had magic.

I think that the magic was a nice touch. Nim and Violet learning magic? Awesome! My problem is that…Nim doesn’t really expand her magic. There is her beginning touch, but there isn’t much of anything else.


Good points: I like this book better than the first. Which is odd… I usually don’t do that.

This book is evenly paced. I get my dose of action. I like my dose of action, people. My dose of action is something I need. It’s like a drug, but it’s not illegal at all.

The romance between Erris and Nim is just beautiful. Sure, it reminds me of roleplay characters when I did roleplay, but it is sweet. Nim does love Erris. While it was insta-love in the first book, it grows in the second book. It turns into something bittersweet. I do like this couple.

This book is much better than the first book.


Score: 8/10

Recommended: For those who loved the first book. For those who love romance. For those who love supernatural creatures.



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