Fictional Crushes

Ah. Fictional crushes. A major topic in the fangirl world where it is practically based off of your ‘bae’ and other things. (Mostly fan fictions. Or OTPs or whatnot.)


Fictional crushes are simply that. Fictional. You cannot have a relationship with, say, Jace from ‘The Mortal Instruments’ or Day from ‘Legend’. That is simply not how this cruel world works.

Let me tell you this. I DID have fictional crushes. Emphasis on the ‘did’ part. I’m not someone who believes in love. Now now. Don’t go all ‘WREN! You don’t believe in love?’ I don’t. Why? There simply is no reason to. Love is not tangible. I do not feel as if I can touch it and feel it. Yes, love in books is much different than love in real life. In real life, you probably are not surviving the apocalypse or turning out to be a fairy. That is not realistic.

Then again, love is not always realistic. Love is a strong emotion. Something you feel rather than touch. It is an abstract idea.

I am going off topic…am I? Yeah. Kinda am.

Fictional boys! Sorry about the off-topic strand. I just feel that way honestly.

Back to fictional boys. It seems like fangirls all over the world drool over real people playing their characters. Theo James. Dude who plays Jace. (Yeah. I never cared to learn his name.) These people can be more realistic representations.


Fictional boys will be fiction. There are posts on Instagram that say things like, ‘I won’t fall in love until I meet Gus Waters.’ Or whatnot. I mean…you might find someone similar, but you will not find Augustus Waters. There are people who are like him. Metaphor-loving. Book-reading. Video game-playing. But you will not find him.

Books and animes and shows…they are fiction. Yes, I know so many people believe otherwise, but that is the reality. There will be similar people, but you really need to look at the people in front of you. You might love Percy Jackson, but you might end up with someone who likes video games and art. You might love Patch, but you might end up with this flirty guy who likes baking. For all you know, the types of people you hate in books could be the type of person you end up with.

Now. You are probably wondering why I am talking about this.

This is what I want you to take away from this ranting-ish post:

Don’t judge someone by how similar or different they are compared to your dream guy/girl.

I know I kept dreaming for a long time. I still do. A nice, gamer, artist guy. I mean…I probably will end up with someone else.

I know dreams can keep you going when all hope is lot. I am not saying to stop dreaming! No no no. I like dreaming. It is…nice. Just realize that the line between reality and fiction is there.


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