Top Ten Dystopian Books

For me, there really is no favorite book. I can’t really place a certain book as my favorite. Of course, like most people, I do have a few books I do love.

Here they are (in no order in particular):


1: ‘The Program’ by Suzanne Young

This book is just plain amazing. The premise is something dark. The action in this book is amazing. I really do love the idea of The Program. You get depressed and then go to get un-depressed.

For me, this book is dystopian yet realistic. People these days face depression and anxiety. For me, psychological disorder is something very close to my heart. I am determined to help these people. A good chunk of my friends (maybe except one or two) have psychological disorder.

This book…puts it into a way readers can digest.



2: ‘Partials’ by Dan Wells

How can you go wrong with a post-apocalyptic future with a female medic and super-humans? You can go wrong. But…Dan Wells did it right. This book has action (which I love) and romance that just works for you.

And I love how Marcus can humor anyone. He is a naturally funny character. He lightens the mood, but he does have his own secrets.

This story is interesting to say the least.



3: ‘Dark Inside’ by Jeyn Roberts

This book takes insanity to a whole new level. This book is dark. I do not like split views in books. The first book of this on-going series is a bit annoying to try to figure out who is who, but, once all the teens come together, everything makes sense.

This book explores the darkness inside humans and the  way people would survive in a world that has these insane Baggers running around.

Who will survive?

Who will die?

These survival books intrigue me for their action, and this book isn’t lacking.

Dark Inside



4: ‘Divergent’ by Veronica Roth

I know. You’re probably wondering why I’m being mainstream and putting ‘Divergent’ on this list. Well, it’s popular for a reason. This book is riveting. It’s set in a dystopian future with factions. But…you probably know that!

It has action. And the romance is steamy to say the least. (I’m not a big fan of romance, but this romance is not just between Four and Tris. It’s between Tris and her family. But the latter romance is not steamy at all.) There is love and hurt. There is grief and anger.

Veronica Roth did well.

The question is, what will she write next?





5: ‘Reboot’ by Amy Tintera

I don’t know why many people don’t read this book. This book takes on resurrection to something else. It’s romance but with lots of action. It explores how one might feel after their ‘death’.

This book should be a bestseller.

And I don’t mind that the main character shares my name.




6: ‘Ashfall’ by Mike Mullin

‘Ashfall’ is a bit more realistic. The problem is that it can’t be dystopian really. I do consider it dystopian, though.

This book is about a volcano. Exploding. And this teen who just wants to get back to his family. Add in a genuis girlfriend and cannibals and survival of the fittest. That is ‘Ashfall’. It is not a book just about survival, though. It’s about hope and love.

I mean…it’s a three-book series that has at least five hundred pages each. There is a lot of meat on the bones.



7: ‘Eden’ by Keary Taylor

I know that people can get tired of cyborgs, but this book is different. This book has a love triangle, but this book is different. It’s cyborgs but deadlier. While ‘Cinder’ by Marissa Meyer is cyborgs with princess and princes, this book is cyborgs with deadly diseases and a love triangle. (Why…why another one?)



8: ‘The Testing’ by Joelle Charbonneau

This book is dystopian with a twist. I guess it is comparable to ‘The Hunger Games’ in the ‘games’ aspect. Other than that, this book is focused on intelligence. I wonder how smart some of these characters are.

The Testing is a…test that guides teens from the colonies to whether or not they are fit for life as a University student. This is not a simple SAT test, though. It’s a battle to the death. Punishment for not succeeding? Death. You fail.

The Testing has started.

the testing


9: ‘Enclave’ by Ann Aguirre

I do love this book. Deuce is an amazing character. She’s brave and strong in ways some other heroines aren’t. This book is a dystopian world where everything has gone to ruins. Once you come of age, you are given a name. And a job. You get a cut on your arm to decide where you will end up. A Breeder? A Hunter? It all depends there.


Beware the Freaks that roam and yearn for human meat.



10: ‘Angelfall’ by Susan Ee

Honestly. I don’t know why no one else reads this book. Apparently, it’s self-published. It has to be one of the best self-published books I know.

This book is centered around California. And angels. But it is not religious.

The girl Penryn has a psycho mother and a little sister. And she meets a ‘hunky’ angel named Raffe.

What could go wrong?

Oh, trust me, many things.



I know I didn’t put much into these short reviews. I put some things I like or maybe  a bit about the book. I left you the Goodreads link and the cover. (Some of these covers are: rh4io2h4vohb to die for.) You can check out the book yourself. These are my favorite YA, dystopian fiction books. These are the ones I love the most.

Actually, I’m going to cosplay as Deuce from ‘Enclave’ in the far, or near, future.

Happy reading!





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