‘Magic Under Glass’ Review

Title: Magic Under Glass

Author: Jaclyn Dolamore

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Supernatural, Romance


Premise: The premise of this story is quite intriguing. A trouser girl named Nimira is invited to sing for the rich sorcerer Hollin Parry. He has an automaton Nimira gets to sing with. But the automaton has its secrets. And Parry is hiding something. And what happens when the automaton turns out to be holding the soul of a fairy prince?



Plot: As usual, I don’t get my daily dose of action until the end of the book. The book is one I did enjoy reading. It was a romantic book with good world building. I like the names of the different places. It would help if there was a map to help guide me. That would have been nice.

The beginning is interesting. Miss Dolamore could have written a short story about Nim’s life before she met Parry. The world is amazing. The extravagance of it all. It is described well by the author.

The real action starts with Nim starts to talk to Erris. I do think that it is interesting. We then get the annoying and scary Smollings. Is that how you spell his name? I really do want to just spell his name wrong. Just to do it. The scene at the party was interesting. Erris rebelling? I quite like that scene. It shows that he can’t be controlled. While controlled characters are a bit…dependent, the ones who aren’t can be reckless. Which gets some…appreciation from me for  Erris.

My favorite part has to be when the Queen steps in. She is a powerful character. That’s easy to tell. The way she commands the spirits. She is someone who don’t want to make angry. Either that part with Hollin and Nim singing together to ward off the spirits, the scene where the Queen and Nim talk about saving Erris, or the scene where Erris refuses to play.

As a whole, the story is well paced. It isn’t slow nor is it fast. It spans over a month or so. I think. I’m not sure.


Character Development:

Nim. Nim is a good character. She’s brave and does care for Erris. She is someome who is determined to save him. She is kind but can let emotions control her sometimes. She changes drastically in this book. She is originally a child in the beginning. She is simply a trouser girl living off of change from her petty show. She changes. She matures and learns. She ends up being a lover to a fairy prince.

Hollin. Hollin isn’t a character I like. He is a bit…odd. He has secrets and hides them. He doesn’t necessarily make sense. He shows affection for both Nim and his wife. He is one of those characters cloaked in secrets. And the main character has to figure out those secrets. He doesn’t grow up in this story. He is someone who goes with Smollings to save himself, but he ends up helping Nim. I do think he had good intentions. He just wanted to save his Annalie. That’s all he wanted. A happy life with her. He had to drop to drastic measures to achieve his dream. I do hope he gets a good ending. He has suffered through too much.

Erris. As an automaton, Erris is kind. He is someone who cares for Nim. That’s easy to see. When he’s more…animated (Is that a pun?) he ends up being a bit jerky. Then again…he was ‘dead’ for almost thirty years. He is a character I hope I will like. I hope he’ll end up with Nim. I really do. He deserves happiness.


Problems: Problems… This book seems too short. In my opinion, you could have lumped in the first book with the second. (I mean…these books are short. They would reach 500+ pages all together. I mean…I haven’t read the second book yet, but it seems that way.) The fact that Erris can moan is a bit odd to me. How? He has no vocal chords. Does he? I don’t know. It wasn’t mentioned. If you’re an automaton, I don’t think you have vocal chords. Or ways to speak. That is something I can’t wrap my head around.

Another bad point is the insta-romance. It does seems…odd. It is rushed. Between Erris and Nim, I mean. The two have something special. I would call it a friendly bond. How did it morph into love? They barely knew each other. Unless time passed quicker than I thought. There is no way to judge time. I hate when time is mentioned so much, but this book lacks time telling. Which is a problem.


Good points: The good point was the world building. There are a few good points.

It’s an evenly paced story. It doesn’t rush through anything. I admit that the beginning was a bit dull, though. There wasn’t much…’pow’ in the first third of the book. Meeting Erris changes everything, though. The action is minimal but interesting all the same.

The fact that the main character isn’t a fighter is interesting to me. I won’t label it as a good point, but it’s pretty good to me. She is someone who dances. She isn’t a fighter. It’s different and, I admit, a bit refreshing. With badass heroes and heroines, sometimes it gets tiring. It’s nice to have a more…downplayed character on the occasion.

I like how the characters are made. They have backstories and pasts. They have secrets and fears. They are real, 3D characters. They aren’t just Mary Sues. They have personality. Those are real characters. They are more humanlike in that way. Even if one isn’t human at all.


Score: 8/10

Recommended: For those who love automatons. For those who love fantastical worlds. For those who love fairies.



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