‘A Monster Calls’ Review

Title: A Monster Calls
Author: Patrick Ness
Genre: YA Fiction, Supernatural, Fantasy, Realistic
Premise: This book is about a young teen named Conor who has a nightmare. He, though, is met with a monster who comes and tells him stories at exactly 12:07. Be morning or night.
Plot: I have never seen drawings as amazing. Or a book so short yet to poignant. The plot is interesting. You don’t want to stop reading. There is the monster who appears. And the truth Conor knows yet refuses to tell. There is the activities with the monster. His father’s arrival and quick departure. There is so much going on. Yet…it’s simply explained. The plot twists aren’t too startling. You feel satisfied at the end of the book.
And maybe cry too.
Character Development: These characters are real. They have emotions and personality. I praise Patrick Ness for creating this story in under three hundred pages. And while that is a usual J fiction book length, this is not J fiction.
Conor. He is emotional. He tries to live his life. But…everything changed for him. He changes. He is lying to himself. But…he heals. He realizes the truth. He realizes his story.
I don’t want to put other characters. Harry changes. But it doesn’t seem right. This is Conor’s story. Simple as that.
Problems: There really is no problem. The story is well done. It’s real and interesting. The action is minimal, but the stories told keep you wondering their meaning. The only problems for me were aesthetic. The pages were hard to turn because they were glossy. The page numbers were hard to read sometimes.
Good points: This book is honestly all good points. This book ends well. There are questions. But they don’t need to be answered. There is no terrible cliffhanger.
The art is amazing. It truly captures the scenes. It’s simple, black and white, but it’s more than that.
This is a book about stories. And I do love that. Stories are important. They share knowledge. Spread tradition. Stories help mankind as a whole. They warn children of failures. They entertain. They reason. Stories are the charging force of any society. Kinda.
I mean…look at this art. It’s fantastic. Doesn’t it look amazing? It’s so beautiful. Even in just black and white. If you can tell a story in just black and art drawings, you know you can do…anything really.
Score: 9/10
Recommended: For those who love realistic. For those who love paranormal. For anyone really.
I know I wrote little. There isn’t much to write. You just have to read it yourself.

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