The Ten Reasons Why I Love ‘Bitterblue’

Ten Reason I Love ‘Bitterblue’

1: Bitterblue herself. She is a sassy character. Her past is not so hidden, but the past of her parents and the uncertainty of her future is intriguing. She is smart, by far one of the smartest characters in the series. She understands things. She is not always led by emotions. She can keep a straight face if she needs to.

2: Giddon. Giddon is back in this book. He has changed completely from the first book ‘Graceling’. He no longer pines for Katsa. He is Bitterblue’s confidant.  And, honestly, a better love interest than Saf.

3: Ciphers. I love the ciphers. They are interesting. They make me want to write my own code. Or try using the ones they have in the book.

4: The mystery. The mystery of Leck and who he was and who he tried to be makes you cling to the book. You want to read. You want to know more.

5: The real topics. There is suicide and self harm. There are real topics. They are things people do go through each day. I do love that these topics are in a non-realistic book.

6: Katsa. Katsa is back! I don’t entirely love how she is written in this book. It’s like KC forgot how Katsa was in the first book. I do love Katsa’s character and how much she loves Bitterblue. She is Bitterblue’s older sister in the way she acts with Bitterblue.

7: Teddy and his group. The truth seekers. Honestly, these characters are amazing. They want to know. They want the truth. After a lifetime of lies, these people want the truth.

8: Redemption. This book isn’t about romance. It’s about redemption and earning trust. It’s a book about mysteries that unfold. You are kept on the edge of your seat. You want to know who is redeemed. And what do they do to deserve redemption.

9: The accidents/fights. The fights have purpose. In some books, fights happen for no reason. The attacks on Bitterblue had purpose. Whether it was some idiot or a drunk. Things in this book wasn’t coincidence.

10: Leck. I don’t like Leck as a character. But the mystery he left behind, the ones Bitterblue has to solve, make him an interesting but dead character. He is someone who you just wonder about. Even if he is dead. His influence stretches across all of Monsea. And you just wonder… Who is Leck?


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