‘The One’ Review

Title: The One

Author: Kiera Cass

Genre: Romance, YA fiction, dystopian


Premise: This is the last book of the Selection series. Can I get a ‘yay’? No? No? Essentially, this is the conclusion for this series. It is wrapping up the Selection, but…there is the threat of the rebels. The Southern rebels are growing bolder each day. The competition is changing. The playing field has completely changed.


Plot: Honestly? I don’t particularly like the plot. I feel like it was lackluster. The romance scenes between America and Maxon were startlingly candid. That’s what I think. There was the ‘threat’ of something…extremely intimate between those two. There are some amazing plot twists. Though, some seemed unnecessary. I did like when all the girls did that idiotic photo shoot. It showed how all of the Elite still cared for one another. I do not think that putting the rebels in so heavily was needed, though. It leaves you with the question about…why did the rebels strike then? Why then? What was so important about the ceremony to announce the princess? And I don’t get the reasoning of ending the Selection to end the monarchy. I understand killing the princess, but, during the Selection, there is no princess. It is very confusing to that extent. I don’t think killing off her father was necessary. I know that the time away was good, but why couldn’t Kota die? Or maybe her mother has a heart attack. Something less deadly. This book isn’t about death. I’ve read books about death. This is a romance. Complete and utter romance. Then…the rebels jump in. Both rebels. I don’t think the rebels were necessary. Then again, most of this book doesn’t seem necessary. Keep it simple, Kiera Cass! It’s a romance! I know it’s a dystopian world, but the rebels aren’t needed.

And…to be honest, I do think this series wasn’t completely right. There were questions that won’t be answered. What happened to Kriss? What happened to Anne? Who was America’s father? When did he join the rebels? When did Maxon begin to love America? When did America lose love of Aspen? When did Aspen and Lucy get together? And what about Nicoletta? What about the king and queen? Were they not put to rest? Give them at least a funeral scene! Let Maxon mourn. That would be an amazing scene with America comforting him but silently crying on her own. Not that I would enjoy it or anything! I just think that would be needed instead of skipping into ‘here comes the bride’. And when did Marlee get back into the game? I don’t think it would have been quick to get her as America’s attendant. And what about Marlee’s hands? How could she help America if her hands constantly hurt her? Suffer the pain? The wedding must have been…months maybe years after the proposal. Yet…it doesn’t seem right. Like the cute little fan-made scene from Harry Potter about Ginny and Harry’s wedding, I do think there should have been empty chairs to commemorate the dead. And how in the name of goodness is May coping with her father’s death? Seriously! And why wasn’t Kota killed? Or hurt? Or worse!


Character Development: I don’t like America. While she is bold and brave and daring, I just can’t seem to like her. There are times when I wonder if she…whining. In book two, she pulled that stunt on the Report. And I felt like she was a bit of a brat. From rags to riches. But not really rags. She had it pretty good, I must admit. She had food. And family. And love. And Aspen. She wasn’t exactly alone in her endeavors. She had people to help her through. But. She did change. Her father had…an accident. And there was a rush of things about him, but with this, American changed. While annoying at first, she morphed into this…character who seems to be…respectable to say the least. She has this…good and kindness in her, but it doesn’t necessarily show in the right ways. I know she tries, and I know that people are imperfect…but America is impulsive. I do think that makes her a bit interesting and admirable in my eyes. She just isn’t a fighter. She fights for what she thinks is right, but it’s not in the sense that I like. I prefer sword on sword compared to word on word fighting. Do you know what I mean?

I hate that Kriss seems so…left out. She loves Maxon. And Maxon seems to return some affections, but he, like Aspen, was a bit close minded. He kept his emotions to America. If he tried, he really could love Kriss. I do wonder what happens to her. Seriously. We know about Lucy and Aspen. And Celeste. And we know about Marlee. But…Kriss? Does she marry some Italian prince? Does she just…fade? Or simply die alone?

Maxon doesn’t seem to change in this book. Yes, he has changed from this…spoiled brat as seen through Miss Narrator, Miss I-Yelled-At-The-Prince, to this kingly person. Literally. I do think that he is a bit…odd on how he handled the death of his parents. But…he had duties to go through. I assume he just…would figure it out later.












ASPENAMERICAMAXNO Aspen. Goodness, Aspen. You really are unpredictable. For the bulk of the book, I thought you were still fawning over America! Yet, you somehow ended up with Lucy. How did that happen?


Problems: To begin with, it’s hard to place this story. This book especially. It’s romance…but, then, there are the rebels. The rebels are there. Why? They have no purpose.

The death of America’s father. He was a character I liked! Kind. Funny. Exciting. Helpful. A confidant. America needed her father. I don’t think America’s father’s death was really needed. There was not much good from that. I mean…yes, Maxon wrote those letters. Did those really help him realize his feelings for America? I don’t know. I mean…if Kota died, I might have celebrated! I don’t think this was a necessary twist. Do you?

Don’t get me started on all the intimate scenes. No. Just no. If you do it, Maxon, do it right! The love triangle is messing with me. Aspen. America. Maxon. I don’t truly think America and Aspen really loved each other the second America sent in her form. Really? She is clinging to the past. He was too! What’s up with that? Come on… Why does every book have a love triangle? I will hate the next book with a love triangle. Maybe. Maybe not. America didn’t seem into the Aspen relationship. I do think she is better off with Maxon. Even though that relationship ripped her apart.


Look at this. NO SCARS ON HIS BACK! What is up with that?


Score: 6/10

Recommended: To those who love romance. To those who loved the series. To those who want a hint of action. (If you like that stuff…)



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