‘Fire’ Review

‘Fire’ by Kristin Cashore

Title: Fire
Author: Cristin Cashore
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Magic

Premise: This is a companion to ‘Graceling’. Interestingly enough, you don’t need to read book one of this series to enjoy, or not enjoy, ‘Fire’. This book is set in the Dells. It is about a monster human named Fire. And her messed-up life. She has this casual fling with her friend Archer. She is the only monster human. Top it off with meeting the prince and the king. Don’t forget that she is positively iirritable To practically everyone who doesn’t have a guarded mind.

Plot: The plot isn’t bad. There are its good points. Poor Fire as to protect herself. Which brings complications in itself. I mean…she has to be guarded everywhere she goes. She forms an awkward alliance with Brigan and something shaky with Nash. She helps unfoil plots of killings in the Dells. I do think that part was interesting. To me, the Fire and Brigan relationship was rushed…or made just no sense. I mean…there is no chemistry. There is more things going on between Fire and Archer. There are pregnancies and casual flings. That is definitely a problem in my opinion.  To top it off…Fire is pushed to be some searcher for the truths about her past. Yet…she keeps her own secrets. Hint hint.

Character Development: Let’s start with Fire. She sems childish at first. She is also very…afraid. Of herself. I can understand, but she learns to be…proud of her abilities. She’s perfectly fine. I hate Nash, Archer, and Brigan. Nash is this guy who is so…loose. He gets drunk often enough. His hands roam. At least, he gets better as time go ones. Archer is a flirt who gets two girls pregnant. Two. The princess. And a soldier. And Brigan. He got someone pregnant at sixteen. Sixteen or so. What…I just can’t even describe how terrible that is.

Problems: Where to start? Gah. I don’t know!  The casual flings are something annoying to me. They just…kiss and go to a room and then disappear. And herbs that stop pregnancy forever? I don’t know if that has any possibility! What so ever! I also hate Archer. Flirty and annoying. Crazy. Insane. He is this guy who clings to Fire like some stalker. Then…add in Brigan. And Nash. Nash can’t keep his hands off of Fire. Brigan is someone who…is just tight-lipped. I don’t particularly love him. I don’t think I like any of the characters. Maybe Brigan’s daughter. But…he has a daughter! He’s only twenty or so! For another thing, we have poor Fire. She can be reckless. And she is moody. Moody like crazy. The fact that almost all the characters get pregnant or have the fear of that drives me crazy. And this happens in all of the books in the series. Kristin Cashore seems to love adding that. In this book, it’s in all of it. It’s in each and every chapter or so!

Score: 6/10

Recommended: For those who enjoy magical romances. For those who enjoy the idea of a woman who beautiful she gets everyone (I mean, everyone) to love her. To those who enjoy a bit of supernatural abilities.




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